Deussen "Diamond D" Ranch
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Wildlife (Quail Habitat)
There is a wide array of wildlife on the ranch, which is typical of South Texas.  The ranch is frequented by many birds including White-winged and Mourning Dove, Bobwhite Quail, Red-Headed Woodpeckers, Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, Mockingbirds, Caracara, Rio Grande Turkeys, various ducks, hawks, and songbirds, and the occassional Sandhill Crane (center above) in winter.  The ranch is home to many larger and game animals, such as White-Tailed Deer, Coyotes, and Feral Hogs.  We also see the occasional Bobcat or Javalina looking for it's next meal.

Our goal is to provide habitat for wildlife to breed and flourish, which includes practices, such as leaving sufficient stands of brush for cover, and maintaining nest boxes for ducks and other birds.  These practices with managed hunting provide a balance of habitat, wildlife, and ranch operations that creates a place where we truly love living.

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